How to Know When to Replace a Water Softener System

If you have hard water you need water softeners. Water softeners work without failing to provide you soft water 24/7. Hard water is a regional issue that is caused due to demographic conditions of your area. If the soil and rocks contain minerals the underground water will contain a high amount of minerals and vice versa. This doesn’t mean that city water supplies are always soft they may also deliver hard water.

Like any other appliance water softeners also have expiry dates. Many softeners are long lasting and have a lifespan of 15 years to 20 years depending upon the manufacturer’s warranty. But this also depends on the water quality, if water is extremely hard it will affect the life of the system. Well, you can keep it going with regular maintenance and care. Once it has reached the peak time it will start showing signs and eventually breakdown.

If you have shifted to a new region or your water softener has expired check WSR’s top 12 picks before a huge investment. Here is the guide to help you know the last legs of your water softener system:

Tap Water Smelling and Tasting Weird: Your tongue is an ultimate sensor that could respond to any chemical compound. It is your tongue that tells you food is fresh or spoiled and if something is wrong with the water. If water taste has been changed to metallic, moldy or anything as such that is the first noticeable sign.

This doesn’t mean that you need a water softener replacement. This could be due to insufficient salts or little wear and tear that could be sorted with professional help. So, get it checked once you proceed.

Soap and Spots Issues: Hard water causes soap scum, whitish cast and leaves spots we all know. The daily household chores are affected badly. Check tap water and utensils after washing, are you experiencing the same issues that you had before installation? That means the system is not working properly.

The most obvious sign is flakiness and gray spots nearby faucets, glassware, sink, bathtubs, etc. The skin may feel dry and hair’s flat. Laundry being stiff and faded, no lather are clear indicators.

Low Water Pressure: There are many reasons for low water pressure in your pipe. Water softeners are the part of the home water system hence this is noticed here too.

The main cause is limescale buildup in pipes that are hindering water flow. Any changes in water flow are concerning hence needs a plumber to identify the cause.

Water Too Salty: Salt based water softeners use sodium and other salts for draining minerals out. Then salts are washed away for clean tasteless water. You may feel that water tastes salty. This is due to malfunctioning and aging of the softening system. If you find a significant change in the taste of water it needs to be serviced immediately.

System crossed 10 years: Generally water softeners have 10 years of lifespan or 15 years with good maintenance. If it has exceeded its limit you may notice mechanical failure this is the case with traditional systems. If you are not sure to call an expert to examine it once so that you are sure about it.

Is Your System Actually Need a Replacement or Just a Repair?

The above indicators depend on the severity of machine incompetence. Well let’s go through a few more machine related issues:

Motor making a sound or not working: You may not be able to immediately tell that the machine has stopped working. For this open machine and go to the motor. This is simple just read the manual.

Brine not Flowing: Here when we are talking about brine it is about salt water in the tank if it is not flowing appropriately you will need to unclog. Check this with a simple DIY trick:

Take a transparent bottle. Add a few drops of liquid soap and shake it.

If water is clear and contains a lot of bubbles the water is soft. If water seems cloudy with little or no froth it is probably hard.

How to be sure?

The best way is to call a professional to examine water and machine. He is the one who can tell you precise information and what’s wrong with your softening system. Maybe it just needs repairing and you are thinking to replace it.


Hope this tutorial helped you in getting the necessary information. For more knowledge and data stay tuned to our page. Also, check water softeners related articles.

Have a good day!